Thursday, 29 October 2009

End of Season Dinner

The photos below are from our end of season dinner and awards ceremony, with just over 65 guests a great night was had by all. thanks to Wendy Thompson who was the official photographer on the night.
The Kerr clan and Dan WILD!

The next generation!!
Mr. & Mrs. Copeland, Marty Ross and Mr. & Mrs. Moore

The Watts and Mr. & Mrs. Harris

The guests for the evening and Pip!TD, Mrs. Dawson, BC, Woody

The Chairman and his guests.

Aaron Kerr and Laura Kerr, unfortunately Aaron's shoes didn't make the photo!

Young Love! ahhhh

Friday, 16 October 2009

Cricket Club AGM-Change of Date

The date for the 2009 AGM has been changed to Wednesday 11th November starting at 7.30pm.

As mentioned previously only those who have fully paid their 2009 subscription are eligible to take part in any decision making.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cricket Club AGM- 17/11/09

The 2009 AGM will be held on Tuesday 17th November starting at 7.30pm

Please note that only members who have fully paid their 2009 subs will be able to take part in any decision making that is required.

The AGM for Cregagh Sports Club will be on Thursday 26th November also at 7.30pm.

Halloween Fancy Dress Party

The Sports Club are running a Fancy Dress party in the club on Saturday 31/10/09 starting at 7.30 pm.

The cost will be £4.Tickets are not required.