Saturday, 22 December 2012

NCU U15 Regional Development Squad

The club is delighted to announce that three of our youth section players have been selected for the NCU U15 Regional Development Squad for 2013.

Well done and good luck to James Hume, Mark Johnston and Stuart Nelson.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Drink

As is now tradition, the Cricket section over the last number of years organises a little Christmas Drinks night and this year is no different.

So on Saturday 22nd December at 8 pm why not come down to the club for a Christmas drink, you can even bring along your significant other if you wish!!

Stuart has confirmed that he will bring along the mince pies this time after last years debacle!!!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cup Draw

The NCU have completed the Cup Draws for the 2013 season details of which are as follows;

Junior Cup

Cregagh 1st XI V Armagh 1st XI 18/05/2013

Intermediate Cup

Cregagh 2nd XI V Bangor 2nd XI 25/05/2013

Lindsay Minor Qualifying Cup

Cregagh 3rd XI first round bye, will face the winners of Muckamore 4ths or Armagh 3rds on 08/06/2012

Good luck to all the Cregagh teams this year in the Cups.

Full draw can be found here ;

Monday, 19 November 2012

Car Boot Sale

It wasn't that bad really!  I mean getting up at 5.30 on a Sunday morning to sell the biggest load of tat that you could imagine wasn't a typical fund raiser for the club but in true Cregagh tradition we all treated it like an episode of the apprentice.

On that note we were asked to meet at Bob's house at 6 am to finally unload the Moore household of the various amounts of pruck that had accumulated.  Like a military operation Copey, Greek, Watty, Pinky, Cat, Pip and Big Tommy (aka TD this would be his new name for the next 10 hours) arrived at Bob's and within 30 minutes we had the house stripped.  However, due to the noise we made a career in house burgling is not a realistic possibility.

As Keith waved us off with some enthusiasm delighted at the prospect of returning his house to normality and with his advice ringing in our ears (i.e. if you don't sell any of this crap don't be bringing it back) we made our way to the Crumlin road under the dark of night.  Although we did have to pass a suspicious looking taxi driver at the top of loopland drive who seemed to be getting very attached to his female passenger.

We joined the back of the queue to get into Hillview Business Centre (our base for the next 7 1/2 hours) just outside CRUMLIN!!  Once we got in and set up the torch bearing traders descended upon us hoking around our cars not a great start to anyone with personal space issues, but before the tables were unloaded we had started selling and Greek was on his way to get his breakfast.

Trader's breakfast Greek as far as we know is still alive after eating this
The general public wouldn't arrive until 8 am so we had an hour to set up our stalls and consider our strategy Stuart and Neil manned the homeware department.  A lovely wee stall that met the needs of our female customers.

The handbag at the bottom says it all about this picture!

Cregagh CC at the Boot Sale!!
Bob, Greek and Copey manned the electrical and random crap stall!!!  Believe it or not but 2nd hand towels was their best seller!!!!
Alright love any more of them used towels!
Pip was tasked with selling the most random items we could locate, ranging from pre digital TV's through from door locks to golf clubs and started to expand into soiled clothing not to mention a wide range of used cooking utensils and even a used candle!

Couldn't sell a set of golf clubs but managed to sell a fleece with dog hair all over it, you work it out!
Then myself and big Tommy were left with a mountain of books that would have had Easons and Waterstones worried had we managed to sell any.  We did branch out into soft toys and again soiled Chelsea kits which once again did very well!!  Copey also demonstrated a knack of selling books.
Presentation 10 out of 10!!
 Santa even called in to our wee stall, although we had no takers to sit on big Tommy's knee for 50p.

Big Tommy doing what he does best, not selling books!!
And that was us, from 8 am to 1.30 pm we sold the heap, still no takers for Bob's car though, we gave away a french book that Pip swears by, the clothing department was sold out towards the end, with the soiled items flying off the tables (thank god) £1 could secure you 5 books towards the end of the day! and Neil was selling everything for 20p.  Copey found a new vocation in chatting up the elderly and selling at the same time, Pip could sell snow to the Eskimos just not golf clubs, and someone mistook Bob for a woman whilst some Eastern European was interested to know if I was coming back next week!!!!!!

Some of the disappointing elements?  Big Tommy made a £139 loss on a Sony Walkman as Bob flogged it for a quid.  We had to settle on £20 for a Sega Megadrive whilst Bob flogged a Playstation 1 and 10 games for £15!!!  We couldn't shift any of our pre digital TVs and had to let our video recorder go at 50p.

Nonetheless it was a good laugh and IF we ever go back we now know where to focus our attention on i.e. soiled clothing and towels.  As for books I think we will have to look for a car boot sale on the Malone Road to flog them.

A special thank you to everyone who donated something to the cause it was very much appreciated.  Of course a final thank you to the Cregagh Stall Sellers, a great effort by everyone in the freezing weather conditions!!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Thursday, 8 November 2012


The club held its AGM on Tuesday 30th October 2012 a chance to discuss the season past and the strategy for the upcoming year.

The big news this year was the promotion of the 1st XI and the 3rd XI (3rds as League Champions) and that all three weekend teams had achieved their objective with the 2nd XI maintaining their status in Junior League section 3 a very good standard for the 2nd XI.

Once again the youth section was growing and developing under the stewardship of David McCormick with Mark Johnston, Stuart Nelson and James Hume all being selected for representative teams which demonstrates the reputation we are building within the NCU regarding our youth system.

The weekend teams are now beginning to benefit with all teams being able to point to stand out performances from these young lads for all three teams during the season especially the 3rd XI which is our development team.  On this point David McCormick was also commended for his captaincy of this team and their success this year.

In terms of club development our ground has greatly improved over the years thanks to the tireless efforts of Stuart Catterson which was acknowledged by the chairman, and the financial support from the parent club Cregagh Sports Club.  This year we hosted two NCU finals and positive comments were received on the day and after the events about how well the ground was looking.

The chairman also wished to convey his personal thanks to all who served on the committee, the captains, the executive members and a special mention to Philip Walker who is also the Club President for the work and level of commitment during his tenure as chairman.

Once again during the season Cregagh CC had another European adventure in Portugal and Thompson Dawson was thanked for once again taking us on tour and returning us all safely, not to mention the sponsorship secured by Thompson.  Unfortunately due to our wonderful weather the junior tour to Dublin was cancelled but we hope to go on tour again with the junior team.

Philip's last act was to officially step down from the chairmanship following a very sucessfull 2 year period.

The new office bearers for the 2013 season are as follows;

Chairman:    Graham Watt
Vice Chairman;  Thompson Dawson
Secretary:    Philip Walker
Treasurer:    Philip Walker
1st XI Captain:    Matthew Simpson
2nd XI Captain:   Thompson Dawson
3rd XI Captain:   Neil Pinkerton
Match Secretary:  Philip Thompson
Ground Convenor:   Stuart Catterson
Youth Convenor:   David McCormick
Executive members:  Stuart Catterson, Philip Thompson & Robert Moore

Graham stepped up to the position of chairman and placed on record his thanks and gratitude to Philip on his tremendous efforts during the last two years as chairman and that he was leaving him in the hotseat with the club in a very healthy position.  The fundraising efforts alone will be Philip's legacy which has benefited the club greatly. 

At this time Graham also wished to pay tribute to the previous chairmen, namely Ian Kerr and Stuart Catterson who along with Phil had laid the club on a very positive path and one he hoped that he could continue along.  A special mention was also recorded for Philip Walker for the mountain of work that he gets through every year, Cregagh CC are very lucky to have such a person in our club.

The strategy for the club as a whole covering all aspects of club life was discussed briefly before the meeting was brought to a close.  At which point the chairman wished to thank his committee for the hard work to date and looked forward to another challenging season ahead.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Car Boot Sale

We are aiming to attend a car boot sale on 18th November to raise money for the club with any items you may want to donate.

Can we ask that all donations be made to the club before 15th November and are passed over to Bob Moore. You can contact Bob on 07754934566 or by email to arrange collection or dropping off any items you may have.

All items are greatly appreciated.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Annual Club Dinner

So as the season drew to a conclusion there was only one event left on the Cregagh CC calendar that being the end of season Dinner.

Watch out, I see a food critic!!
After many weeks of planning and our chairman who was placing the entire BT phone line network in Northern Ireland under pressure everything was finally in place and last Saturday night a crowd of 66 people packed out the back room at Cregagh all set for the now annual fixture of good food, plenty of awards, speeches, plenty of drink and the customary tour DVD presentation!

Gibby made it from London
The dinner was a success and as the room of Cregagh members, players, officers and other local dignitaries enjoyed their coffee the chairman started off the speeches, not before Bronagh fired up her video camera to take a recording of her favourite part of the year, Cregagh Speeches, (what a WAG!!). It was agreed that we would make the presentation to the WAGs for their support during the season first before the wine kicked in and they told us all what they really thought of us!!! So Bronagh was called upon to accept a token of our thanks for their hard work during the season.

Hands up who thought Phil could read
Next up was the gusher himself, an emotional David McCormick took us through the 3rd XI season as they secured the Junior League Section 9 trophy (which was in attendance decked out in Old gold and black) unbeaten. The squad was called up to receive their league winning medals and receive adulation from their adoring fans (WAGS and Mums mainly).

The individual awards for the 3rd XI were then handed out and the winners were as follows;

Batsman of the year; Stuart Nelson
Bowler of the year; Mark Johnston & Thompson Dawson
Captains pick; Stephen Watt

Mac the knife, he doesn't sing or cry!
It had been a great season for the 3rd XI team and an extremely satisfying one for the club as a whole to get the 3rd XI promoted but not just that but every young player had played a hand in doing so with some tremendous performances, take a bow lads; Stuart Nelson, Mark Johnston, Adam McCormick, James Hume, Darryl Hand, Oliver Fleetham and David Montgomery I hope I haven’t left anyone out.

Matthew's special award, Phil looks happy!
The committee took the decision to reward the skipper with a little memento of his season by framing his medal along with a print out of the final league table and a team photo capturing the moment the team secured the league. After all this still no tears much to the disappointment of the committee and to me who had been running a book on it, all bets were duly refunded.

Onto the 2nd XI and Thompson Dawson took the microphone for a quick review of the season in his typically relaxed demeanour, a man made for such nights. Insightful as always with many comical quips along the way he took us through the 2nd XI season where they finished in joint 3rd in an extremely competitive league. The winners for the 2nd XI were as follows;

Batsman of the year; David McCormick (Golden Bat)
Bowler of the year; Philip Thompson (much closer this year mind)
Captains pick; Mark Johnston

Finally the 1st XI skipper Matthew Simpson took to the stage and proceeded to take us through the 1st XI season ball by ball minute by minute highlighting some of the excellent performances and taking us through the roller coaster season that saw us clinch promotion on the last day of the season.

Davie Mac's living room I think, not sure why this photo is in here
Stand out moments in the season was Matthew’s century in the Junior cup and Hazzy taking 7 wickets against Larne, to this end Hazzy received a special award for this with the match ball mounted and engraved.

After an hour or so had passed (only joking mate you did a great job) and he had described the Junior Cup bowl out in great detail along with the mechanical workings of Duckworth Lewis and the pros and cons of employing this statistical model to the local game in Northern Ireland, he decided to hand out his prizes the winners in the 1st XI were;

Batsman of the year; Philip Walker (Slim)
Bowler of the year; Graeme Hassard
Captains pick; Robert Moore
Clubman of the year, oi Pinky move!
As mentioned above, the Skipper made 127 not out in the Junior Cup against Bangor 2’s (add to that a classy 70 odd against Larne which I think was a better knock but anyway I’m just the author) the committee got a photo from the match framed along with the match card as a keep sake. In addition to this, this performance had secured him the shield in terms of the performance of the year award, very well deserved young man.

Philip Walker was the recipient of the Harry Blair Memorial Shield which honours the clubman of the year for his tireless work on and off the field. Continuing with this to honour his hard work over a number of seasons the committee purchased a special award for him to enjoy on his ride to work each morning. No not new bicycle clips!!!!

The Pacemaker sponsored Young Player of the year award went to Stuart Nelson for his unbelieveable season.  Representing Belfast in the inter city tournament, the NCU playing for all three Cregagh teams, his performances for the under 15s, scoring 90 odd for the 2nds and not looking out of place at all in the 1st XI against Larne, what a talent and too boot what a great young lad he is.  Well done mate, pity you support the dark side!

Bracket no Hinge!
Along a similar vein the outgoing chairman Philip Thompson and Thompson Dawson also received vouchers for Nick’s Warehouse for their efforts during the season in terms of the chairmanship of the club over the last two seasons and TD’s efforts on taking us on tour each year, brave man!
Skipper gets the league trophy (no tears BOOOOO)
Finally we passed the event of TD a man well versed on batting with the tail it seemed fitting for him to take us over the line. First of all, the most coveted or dreaded of awards the Canard d’or. No doubt this trophy certainly focuses the mind of all batsmen young and old, last year’s winner being Craig Copeland and of course the record holder Robert Moore with his 12 ducks in a season which really does look like one of those records that will never be beaten.

Now we can add a McCormick to that list as Adam McCormick received this award for his 3 ducks with the 3rd XI!!! Can’t keep them McCormick’s away from the trophies! The final award of the night is the tourist of the year award. An award given to the tourist that TD believes has poured his heart and soul into the tour and someone who buys into the tour experience. This special award went to CJ. He left Northern Ireland as Craig Johnston father of Mark and returned as “call me CJ lads” although he still suffers from a tight hamstring!

Everybody do the Cat Dance!! Go on Shakira!

All that was left was to view the tour DVD a collection of photos from our adventures in Portugal professionally put together by our own answer to Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg!!
This is either Neil from the inbetweeners or COPEY!!!! go on my PIC!
What a night!


The cricket section AGM is to be held at the clubhouse on Tuesday 30th October starting at 7.30 pm.

At this meeting we will be looking to fill the various roles within the club for the 2013 season. If anyone wishes to put their name forward for any of the roles please contact Graham at before the meeting.

A good attendance is expected, its your club this is the meeting to shape next season.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Indoor Nets!!!!

Yes indoor nets start again in October same place as last year Grosvenor Grammar School dates and times are below see you there;

Friday 19th October 7-9pm

Friday 16th November 7-9pm

Friday 7th December 7-9pm

Friday 18th January 7-9pm

Friday 15th February 7-9pm

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tour Update

Folks we are now at a decision stage in terms of the tour.  Thompson is looking for definite numbers in order to book the flight to Lanzarote so far we have a party of 17 confirmed but TD is now looking to book flights.

Therefore, can you please confirm with TD by Monday 8th October that you are going on tour.  You can get TD by mobile on 07775 677353 or by email on

The cost of the flight is £210 and this will need to be paid by Monday 29th October 2012 if you are wanting to go on tour.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cregagh secure promotion

Not for the first time in our history we needed September to be a dry month in order to settle our destiny, the last time it was to secure our position in section 3 (now section 2) when we played 8 games in September and won them all!!!  This time in 2012 it was to gain promotion out of Section 3, and the equation was simple, hope for good weather and win our last two games.

Last Sunday we travelled to Dungannon for a 20/20 match and managed to restrict them to 109 from their 20 overs with all the bowlers doing a great job with a wet ball.  Special mention for Arun who only conceded 4 runs from his 4 overs with 2 wickets to boot and to our spin twins Rodney Ontong and Graeme Hassard who ripped out their middle order.

The new opening partnership of Davie Mac and Pip then proceeded to knock off the runs without losing a wicket with 4 overs spare.  Pip ended up on 52 not out and Davie on 47 not out.  Stage 1 completed!!

Away to Donaghadee became the focus for the following week.  We were level on points with Ards with a game in hand, net run rate was not in our favour so 4 points was a must.  All we could do was hope that the weather would stay dry.  It did, the September weather gods were in Cregagh's corner again!

All credit to Donaghadee the ground was in great nick, albeit soft but considering the summer we have had it was a credit to them.  Matthew lost the toss (no point in you going for the toss anymore) who then turned to his Cregagh charges and whilst mimicking the action of a bowler he announced we were batting.  I know, we were confused too!!

Thankfully Davie and Pip understood what he meant and padded up.  Once again this new partnership took us to around the 12 over mark and managed to set a base of around 60 runs before Pip was out.  Davie and Simpy carried on to 80 odd before we experienced a wee wobble.  None the less, Rab Dog (Bob Moore) and Watty (Graham just in case some of you didn't know) managed to push the total to 120 with some scampering and set Donaghadee 121 to win the game.

Over to the bowlers and they didn't disappoint, Leon (the Lion look it up on Cbeebies website ;-) ) bowled two very tight overs whilst Arun was in the wickets again.  However it was our spin twins again Graeme and Rodney (Dave) who took 7 wickets between them as Donaghadee were all out for 55 and Cregagh were on the move, 2nd place secured along with promotion, 4 points behind Larne who go up as league champions.  League table here
This time the skipper made the right motion when he went to his car to get the crate of ice cold Harp.  Good shout wee man it tasted sweet! better than that Val sauce later on in the evening in the Curry House.

As for the 2nds, they finished a respectable joint 3rd in Junior 3 a very credible performance in a tough league.  Although they have one game left it wont have an affect on where they finish in the league and under TD's guidance they have done extremely well to consolidate in this league.  League table here

Finally, as mentioned before on the website the 3rds went through the league undefeated and will be playing in Junior League 8 next year, the most pleasing aspect of this league win was the average age of the team and our young and upcoming stars all contributing with bat, ball and in the field, the future is bright with these lads!  We just need to find a way to get CJ and Bob (kawasaki) Fleetham to contribute to the team!!!!!

So its off to the NCU dinner to collect some silverware for the young lads, have a good night lads, make sure the skipper fills the cup!  League table here

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

NCU Dinner

Annual NCU Dinner

The Annual Dinner of the Northern Cricket Union will be held in the Holiday Inn Hotel, 22 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast on Friday 12th October 2012 (6.30 for 7.00PM).

The names of those who have confirmed with me that they will be attending are as follows:

P Thompson
N Pinkerton
D McCormick
A McCormick
T Dawson.
G Hassard
L Moore
C Copeland
S Watt
N Adams

Any others wishing to attend please let me know by 5.00pm today (mobile 07979 481206). The cost is £27.50 per head and cheques should be made payable to ‘Cregagh Sports Club’ and left with the bar staff.

Philip Walker

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tour 2013!!


I have been asked to inform you all of some important information regarding next years tour which will be as follows;

This will look nice in the tour photo board!!
Destination: Lanzarote

Date: Thursday 6th June 2013 to Monday 10th June 2013

Initial Cost: £235, total cost will be £350

If you want to go either add your name to the thread in the forum, add it to the facebook announcement or text the tour master on 07775 677 353 or drop him a line on his facebook page!!!

The Long Goodbye

The last day opened like all the rest, with a trip to the marina, for a hearty breakfast and some celebrity spotting. Some of the boys having bumped into Adam Johnson and Gareth Barry the previous evening, we scanned the seafront as we ate, and were rewarded by a sighting of Denis Waterman and his minders, along with the, by now, obligatory appearance of Victor Chandler.

Stopping once more for supplies at our local supermarket, who were still mulling over the inexplicable spike in toilet roll sales they had enjoyed over the last few days, we again boarded the bus to return to Browns, for the final fixture against Carvoeiro C.C., or 3 men and a wee lad, as they were now known.
Cregagh CC 2012
Nevertheless Ralph had done his best to rustle up a team, even if the kitchen in Brown’s was temporarily devoid of staff, and the complex manager, Rashid and Mr Brown, the owner were also press ganged to play. In the end only three extra men were required, and Pete, who had recovered from his hamstring twinge the previous day (through the restorative powers of shots), Marty “the Mitt” Ross and the ginger Brett Lee, volunteered to become Ronaldo lovers for the day. The skipper then won the toss and in the circumstances obviously elected to bat. Aaron and Gibby opened, scoring 33 and 32 respectively and retiring, before Greek and Simpo each cashed in with 23 apiece, and they were the mainstays of Cregagh’s 171 for 9 in their 25 overs. Pick of the bowlers for Carvoeiro were Pete with 2 for 21, Copey with 2 for 25 and Sam Ajwani with 2 for 25. In the individual duels, Pete removed his dad, bowling the Vet for 7, whilst Copey had his old mucker, Bob, caught out for 4.

Have Croatia scored yet
Time for Cregagh to bowl, bowing before taking the field to Cregagh’s white Mugabe, Scolari, (who was unavailable due to torn shorts), sheltering under an umbrella thoughtfully picked up for him in the supermarket by the skipper. Carvoeiro opted for an all Cregagh opening duo to bat, of Pete and Copey, whilst we opened with the pace duo of Aaron and Bob. In an opening spell as hostile as a winter weekend in the Orkneys, the batsmen were made to feel about as welcome as KP in an England team. Bob had has revenge though sending Copey back to the hutch for a single. Aaron then removed Craig the dangerous big South African for a single also, and the openers ended their 3 over opening bursts with 1 for 5 for Aaron and 1 for 7 for Bob. Then in a pivotal moment in the match with Pete dropping anchor and looking immoveable, he was joined by the more than useful skipper Ralph, well briefly anyway, as he was brilliantly run out by Greek, much to his disgust, for a duck. Next to the crease was Marty Ross, who smote Pinky for a 6 and threatened to do some more damage, before he too was run out. Sam Ajwani, the Carvoeiro M.O.M., was next in and he and Pete struck up a useful partnership before the skipper bowled Pete, as he tried to up the run rate. He followed with two more quick wickets in the same over, including the owner Mr Brown to leave Carvoeiro in a spot of trouble. As the next two batsmen, one an American, had not actually played the game before, it was time to exercise our slow bowling option. The Vet who previously had been labouring in the heat, when called upon to turn the arm over, bounded to the wicket like a pet spaniel, keen to add to his European wicket tally, and despite our coaching of the batsmen he finished the game off with a 3 for 3, of his 3.4 overs.

Bobby belts out a cracker and sounds better than the resident singer!!!!!
We said our final farewells to Browns, to return to the apartments early, as we aimed to finish our last night with a meal in marina for the whole party, whilst watching the European championship match between the Republic of Ireland and Croatia. After a few minor logistical difficulties were sorted out we managed to achieve our goal, and with special thanks to Davy Mac and Pacemaker Press for his sponsorship, we all (including Pinky), enjoyed a splendid and economical last dinner. It was time to seek out some last night entertainment, and to go anywhere else but Figo’s! We tried a couple of quiet karaoke bars first, before all eventually congregating at a busier one on the level above the marina. As always it was a bit slow and low key at first, but gradually as the lubrication hit the starter motors (apologies to Lawnmower man, I am sure he would be the first to tell me, that is not how it actually works), things became a bit more lively. Bob took to the mike to very successfully rock the boat, whilst Davy Mac launched into a chorus of “Stand up for the Ulstermen” when he discovered a neighbouring party hailed from the more westerly shores of our island. We never fail to impress! Things seemed to be drawing to close as last orders were called, and Bobby Kawasaki Fleetham stepped up to send us all home with a heartwarming rendition of “My Way”. Not a dry eye was left in the house as Bobbie stood down, but that was probably because we thought he was heading to bed, and none of the rest of us would be able to get any sleep! Some of our party nonetheless did leave the bar at that stage.............................they thought it was all over!

However, and thinking back, one can never quite remember, who uttered the fateful words, but someone said “Let’s go somewhere else and have one more for the road!”, Davy. So as the karaoke bar closed an intrepid party of Cregagh men set off for “one last drink”. Not surprisingly Bob knew of a place, which seemed to be just north of Lisbon. But as we headed off like not so wise men from the East following Bob’s star, like travellers in the desert sighting an oasis, we spotted an open bar rather closer for our last watering hole. Settling down for a swift one, CJ ordered his usual, a babycham, Marty opted for the blue WKD, whilst the rest of us settled for a quiet beer. That was the last quiet occurrence of the evening, as revelation followed revelation, and home truths were spewed out, in one of those conversations you just hope (in vain) everyone else will forget. Bobbie and Davy Mac started a double round fest, and all of sudden there were more vodkas on the table than your average Russian wedding. Things were rapidly getting out hand, until eventually Big Phil decided to draw the line under yet another successful Cregagh tour, with one last, last drink...........and, in keeping with CJ’s penchant for sparkling drinks, he determined it would be a cheeky little Moet! What a way to go, hats off big man!

Bye bye Villamoura!
So at 5.30am, with our transport to the airport due in a mere 2 hours, the last Cregagh party in town finally headed home for a power nap.

The mighty ducks had once more brought famine and pestilence to another corner of Europe. To paraphrase the great, Arnie, “We’ll be back”, so now all Europe trembles until the pin is inserted in the map again in 2013.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Club Dinner

Club dinner Saturday 6th October 2012 starting at 7.30 pm SHARP is now sold out.  Contact Phil Thompson on 07748 354216 to be added to the reserve list.  Price is £20 for adults and £12 for juniors includes 3 course meal and a disco!!!  Keep an eye on the website for the full menu (that bit is just for you Billy)

Just one dessert on the night big lad!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

For all the non believers

Here is a wee photo of Pinky at the top of Slieve Donard just to confirm that he was doing it for charity and did indeed climb the highest mountain in Northern Ireland the day after a Cregagh night out!!!!

PS  I also kept my word and climbed the Castlereagh Hills, although as I was hungover I did mine in the car!!  Just about made it, didn't take a photo though.
Well done Pinky!!!

PPS Don't think Cat could have climbed it!!

Friday, 31 August 2012

Groundhog Day Part 3

Another bright sunny morning greeted the Cregagh tourists, as Bobbie throttled down for re-entry into the waking world. In Mission Control headquarters, Big Phil was sorting through his wardrobe, helpfully laid out on the table in the living room, just above the heavily depressed sofa bed that was his nocturnal abode, before the influx of visitors arrived through the patio door, to enquire about his health, or just to use the now traditional short cut to the other side of the building. It was Day 3 for Victor Chandler too, as the usual pilgrimage for re-fueling down in the Marina began before we prepared for the game. Meanwhile Pinky’s favourite waitress had taken the day off, fearful of his return and her having to convey cartloads of rejected food to her temperamental and disgruntled chef. I wonder if Gordon Ramsay ever had dealings with our hero, it may just explain the short fuse?

With the bus arriving to take us back to Brown’s around 12noon, there was just time for a shopping trip to acquire all the essentials necessary for a day of sport in the sun. Led by the shopper’s shopper, Cregagh’s answer to Dale Winton, Big Phil, we watched as he quickly filled his basket with our requirements, lots of water, some chocolate, (lots of) deodorant, (obligatory) toilet rolls and a large water pistol. Fully equipped and ready for all eventualities we boarded the bus clutching the water pistol, but having left the water and deodorant on the kitchen table! Some of our shoppers were more single minded though, as Disco’s carry out was bigger than the tour kit-bag. Already three men down after CJ and Pete’s injuries, and Bobbie with a leg injury that looked like he had a small lighthouse growing out of it, discussions were still ongoing as to the make-up of the team to face the might of Barringtons C.C. Fortunately this time when we arrived they were now aware of what cricket was, and they showed us to our dressing room to await the opposition turning up.

It proved to be a long wait in the end. Disappointingly after hanging around about an hour the Barrington’s South African skipper, Ralph had accumulated a team totalling 3 men! In true Cregagh fashion we made the most of things though and Gibby, the Vet, Bob, Davy Mac and TD joined the Barringtoners, against a Cregagh squad skippered by Simpo. Barringtons batted first, with Gibby and Ian scoring 29 and 12 respectively, before the other Barrington South African tonked a useful 17, as the opening Cregagh bowlers of Bob and Phil were “milked”, none more so than Phil with a 4 over spell of 0 for 29! The Barrington squad posted 127 of their 20 overs, with Davy Mac bashing a late 18, whilst Copey was the pick of the Cregagh bowlers with 3 for 15, although Pip took 1 for 3 in 2 economical overs before retiring to the shade, Bob 1 for 20 and Simpo “Larwood” took 1 for 17 in his own inimitable (dictionary definition: incapable of being copied) style. Entertainingly the Watt twins also bowled an over each, eventually, before being timed out! Balls bowled on the cut strip were as rare as spare chips on a Scolari dinner plate!

A useful total then, time for Cregagh to show their metal. Clearly worried, Simpo sent in the pinch hitters, Greek and Bob to open. Gibby and TD opened the bowling for Barringtons, Gibby claiming 1 for 26 and TD a sweat soaked 0 for 6 in their 3 over bursts. However despite Ralph turning to his South African compatriot for his slow bowling option, the pinch hitters had done the business, with Bob cracking 22 and Greek 33, before Davy Mac and the Vet respectively ended their stay. Runs were hard to come by during the middle period with Davy Mac, the Vet and Barringtons skipper, Ralph keeping the bowling tight. So with Simpo and Copey at the crease, Cregagh still needed 12 runs to win of the last over. High drama to the end. Ralph then made a fatal mistake, (in my humble opinion, which do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire tour party), not bringing back his miserly sweat soaked and now rested opening bowler, but instead decided to take the responsibility himself. Optimistic! 5 balls later it was all over, as Simpo hit him for 4 consecutive 2’s before carting him for 4 to finish on 44, with Copey unbeaten on 11 at the other end. Game, set and match Cregagh, after Ralph’s schoolboy error!

Naturally we tarried for a few swift ones and to shoot the breeze with Ralph and his 2 man team, before returning to the delights of the Algardia apartments, for some naked balcony planking, as you do (if you are in the first flush of youth and all your body parts are in the right places, that is)! On that evening we opted to dine in groups rather than en masse, to save time and trouble, however unfortunately being in Pinky’s group, dinner was a little more protracted, as he constantly checked his steak against a helpful colour chart he carries everwhere with him to ensure perfect colouring and texture, before allowing us to eat! And then on to............Figos, where else? Well for the veteran tourists anyway, whilst the younger more energetic members of the party sought out karaoke bars, or somewhere they could get a dance.

One full day to go now, would the Kawasaki ever run out fuel, could Pinky find the perfect meal, who made a mess on Big Phil’s bed, do the Inbetweeners have enough clothes (as one of them always seems to be naked) and would Victor Chandler be back tomorrow? All would be revealed, no doubt, before the next best last night ever.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Junior presentation award night

Last night the junior section held its end of season award ceremony, the members of the committee would once again like to thank all the coaches, players and parents for their commitment over the summer months which really wasn't easy this year with the weather, without this commitment from all of you we wouldn't have one of the best youth sections in the NCU. 

Also a huge thank you goes to David McCormick for the time he personally invests in the youth and the youth sponsors Whitehouse Engineering and Kerr Consulting.

The winners on the night were as follows;

Stuart Nelson winner of the Stuart McCormick Youth Cricketer of the Year Award

Stuart Nelson Under 13 batsman of the year

Matthew Fleetham Under 13 Bowler of the year

Lewis Cunningham Under 13 Fielder of the year

Lewis also received a special award for taking 6 wickets for 13 runs against CSNI

James Hume under 13 all rounder of the year

Adam McCormick Under 15 bowler of the year

Adam also received a special award for taking 5 wickets for 10 runs against CSNI

Andrew Welsh under 15 fielder of the year

Stuart McClune under 15 fielder of the year

Mark Johnston Under 15 batsman of the year

Matthew Fleetham receiving his special award for taking 5 wickets for 15 runs against Lurgan

Andrew Nelson under 11 batsman of the year

Andrew Nelson Under 11 All rounder of the year

Alastair Watt and Daniel Henry receive special cricket medals for bravery for using the cage of death!!!!!

Robert Moore Under 13 coach telling the lads to use their brain like he does!!!!
A great night was rounded off by our director of youth coaching David McCormick summarising the season with a number of highlights amongst those being Mark Johnston, Stuart Nelson and James Hume representing the NCU with Stuart and James being called up to the Ireland training squad.

Club professional Rodney Ontong also praised the youth section and commented on how impressed he was with the overall set up and structure within the club and how much he had enjoyed coaching the lads.

Philip Thompson club chairman then finished with saying a few words to thank everyone for their hard work during the season.  Then led the charge to the jellies!!!!

See you all next year lads and keep an eye out on the website for details on the indoor nets programme.