Wednesday, 29 February 2012

NCU Under 13 Squad

Well done to everyone at Cregagh goes to Stuart Nelson and James Hume following their inclusion in the NCU Under 13 development squad.  See the link below for the full squad.
Stuart Nelson

James Hume

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Indoor Nets

Indoor nets will start at Grosvenor Grammar School on Friday 2nd March starting at 7 pm running until 9 pm.  The indoor nets will run through until Easter at which point we will then hope to move to outdoor training.

See you all there!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Mr & Mrs

With the Divorce Lawyers on standby anticipating a high demand for their services with the upcoming Mr & Mrs Night at Cregagh I am glad to report that all went well and the lawyers have been stood down (for the time being).
Saturday night past for me epitomes all that is great within our wee club. A full house full of our most ardent supporters to whom the committee is eternally grateful for their continuous support, and as a reward for their support they where offered a great nights entertainment. It was great to see our usual hardcore of supporters from within the cricket section, the darts and the football section. In addition to this we also had a number of the junior player’s parents along to support us on the night.
The event was hosted excellently by David McCormick along with his right hand man for the evening Bob Moore. In all 12 couples put their marriage on the line to demonstrate their knowledge of each other all with the objective of winning the star prize of a night in the Europa Hotel! (thanks Davie!!!) The evening would obviously run along the lines of the ITV game show MR & MRS.
First out of the hat was Mr. & Mrs. Catterson, who went on to answer 4 questions correctly and to set the standard for the evening and to take the brave step of being the first couple on the night. Soon after we had all settled into the evening with the first six couples flying through their questions and during that time we learnt the last time Stuart Catterson was steaming drunk, what Beaker thinks is his best feature!, Keith Moore enjoys beer and match of the day, Mark Nelson is scared of his Mother in Law and we learnt of where Jason proposed to Kelly-Ann.
We also found out that Laura Watt pushes the trolley round Tesco’s, Bobby Fleetham had better not get any points on his licence and that Karen doesn’t drink as much as what Gary thought she did!!

After the first round of questions, we had five couples vying for the lead which would lead to a tie breaker. After the first round of tie break questions we lost the Fleethams meaning we were down to 4 couples. Then the next question really sorted out the couples with only the Johnston’s getting the car question right meaning they had won the night in the Europa and were the overall winners on the evening. Well done!

Therefore, Alison T, Jimmy Dunwoody, the Watts and Jason and Kelly Ann Elliott battled it out for the Lovers Hamper and a bottle of champagne. After a few more questions (poor Davie and Bob hadn’t accounted for such a loving and knowledgeable crowd) the Watts secured 2nd spot with Jason and Kelly-Ann taking the bubbly! (TD special reserve champagne might I add).

To round off the night, we ended with a disco and a ballot and a special mention must go to a prize donated by Craig and Eleanor Johnston and Bobby and Joan Fleetham who donated a hotel stay at Benedict’s in Belfast which was won by Stuart and Jennifer Catterson which seemed quite fitting as the night had started with Stuart and Jennifer. This signalled the end of the night, and with the Riddler and Pip still grazing on the light supper provided the DJ fired up his tunes for all our romantics to dance/argue the night away.

The night was a great success and a huge thank you should go to David and Bob who ran and organised the event from the ticket sales through to securing all prizes on the evening, it was the first time that we have done something as different as this and my word was it a success, well done lads you fully deserve all the plaudits.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Under 15 fixtures 2012

Our under 15’s have been placed in Section C for the 2012 league campaign, and will face, CIYMS, Instonian’s A, Derriaghy and CSNI A.
The fixtures are as follows;

May 4
Carrickfergus V Cregagh (Graham Cup)

May 11
Instonians A V Cregagh

June 8
Cregagh V CIYMS

June 15
Derriaghy V Cregagh

June 22
Cregagh V CSNI A

June 29
Cregagh V Instonians A

July 20
CIYMS V Cregagh

July 27
Cregagh V Derriaghy

August 3
CSNI A V Cregagh

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Victoria CC

Victoria CC's existence is under threat due to a ridiculous increase in their ground rent.  Please have a look at the petition below and help our fellow cricketers by signing it!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pre-Season Indoor Nets

Indoor nets will recommence at Grosvenor Grammar School the dates and times are as follows;

Fri 2nd March 7-9 pm

Thu 8th March 8-10 pm
Fri 16th March 7-9 pm
Fri 23rd March 7-9 pm
Thu 29th March 8-10 pm

Fri 6th April Easter
Fri 13th April 7-9 pm