Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cregagh secure promotion

Not for the first time in our history we needed September to be a dry month in order to settle our destiny, the last time it was to secure our position in section 3 (now section 2) when we played 8 games in September and won them all!!!  This time in 2012 it was to gain promotion out of Section 3, and the equation was simple, hope for good weather and win our last two games.

Last Sunday we travelled to Dungannon for a 20/20 match and managed to restrict them to 109 from their 20 overs with all the bowlers doing a great job with a wet ball.  Special mention for Arun who only conceded 4 runs from his 4 overs with 2 wickets to boot and to our spin twins Rodney Ontong and Graeme Hassard who ripped out their middle order.

The new opening partnership of Davie Mac and Pip then proceeded to knock off the runs without losing a wicket with 4 overs spare.  Pip ended up on 52 not out and Davie on 47 not out.  Stage 1 completed!!

Away to Donaghadee became the focus for the following week.  We were level on points with Ards with a game in hand, net run rate was not in our favour so 4 points was a must.  All we could do was hope that the weather would stay dry.  It did, the September weather gods were in Cregagh's corner again!

All credit to Donaghadee the ground was in great nick, albeit soft but considering the summer we have had it was a credit to them.  Matthew lost the toss (no point in you going for the toss anymore) who then turned to his Cregagh charges and whilst mimicking the action of a bowler he announced we were batting.  I know, we were confused too!!

Thankfully Davie and Pip understood what he meant and padded up.  Once again this new partnership took us to around the 12 over mark and managed to set a base of around 60 runs before Pip was out.  Davie and Simpy carried on to 80 odd before we experienced a wee wobble.  None the less, Rab Dog (Bob Moore) and Watty (Graham just in case some of you didn't know) managed to push the total to 120 with some scampering and set Donaghadee 121 to win the game.

Over to the bowlers and they didn't disappoint, Leon (the Lion look it up on Cbeebies website ;-) ) bowled two very tight overs whilst Arun was in the wickets again.  However it was our spin twins again Graeme and Rodney (Dave) who took 7 wickets between them as Donaghadee were all out for 55 and Cregagh were on the move, 2nd place secured along with promotion, 4 points behind Larne who go up as league champions.  League table here
This time the skipper made the right motion when he went to his car to get the crate of ice cold Harp.  Good shout wee man it tasted sweet! better than that Val sauce later on in the evening in the Curry House.

As for the 2nds, they finished a respectable joint 3rd in Junior 3 a very credible performance in a tough league.  Although they have one game left it wont have an affect on where they finish in the league and under TD's guidance they have done extremely well to consolidate in this league.  League table here

Finally, as mentioned before on the website the 3rds went through the league undefeated and will be playing in Junior League 8 next year, the most pleasing aspect of this league win was the average age of the team and our young and upcoming stars all contributing with bat, ball and in the field, the future is bright with these lads!  We just need to find a way to get CJ and Bob (kawasaki) Fleetham to contribute to the team!!!!!

So its off to the NCU dinner to collect some silverware for the young lads, have a good night lads, make sure the skipper fills the cup!  League table here

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

NCU Dinner

Annual NCU Dinner

The Annual Dinner of the Northern Cricket Union will be held in the Holiday Inn Hotel, 22 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast on Friday 12th October 2012 (6.30 for 7.00PM).

The names of those who have confirmed with me that they will be attending are as follows:

P Thompson
N Pinkerton
D McCormick
A McCormick
T Dawson.
G Hassard
L Moore
C Copeland
S Watt
N Adams

Any others wishing to attend please let me know by 5.00pm today (mobile 07979 481206). The cost is £27.50 per head and cheques should be made payable to ‘Cregagh Sports Club’ and left with the bar staff.

Philip Walker

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tour 2013!!


I have been asked to inform you all of some important information regarding next years tour which will be as follows;

This will look nice in the tour photo board!!
Destination: Lanzarote

Date: Thursday 6th June 2013 to Monday 10th June 2013

Initial Cost: £235, total cost will be £350

If you want to go either add your name to the thread in the forum, add it to the facebook announcement or text the tour master on 07775 677 353 or drop him a line on his facebook page!!!

The Long Goodbye

The last day opened like all the rest, with a trip to the marina, for a hearty breakfast and some celebrity spotting. Some of the boys having bumped into Adam Johnson and Gareth Barry the previous evening, we scanned the seafront as we ate, and were rewarded by a sighting of Denis Waterman and his minders, along with the, by now, obligatory appearance of Victor Chandler.

Stopping once more for supplies at our local supermarket, who were still mulling over the inexplicable spike in toilet roll sales they had enjoyed over the last few days, we again boarded the bus to return to Browns, for the final fixture against Carvoeiro C.C., or 3 men and a wee lad, as they were now known.
Cregagh CC 2012
Nevertheless Ralph had done his best to rustle up a team, even if the kitchen in Brown’s was temporarily devoid of staff, and the complex manager, Rashid and Mr Brown, the owner were also press ganged to play. In the end only three extra men were required, and Pete, who had recovered from his hamstring twinge the previous day (through the restorative powers of shots), Marty “the Mitt” Ross and the ginger Brett Lee, volunteered to become Ronaldo lovers for the day. The skipper then won the toss and in the circumstances obviously elected to bat. Aaron and Gibby opened, scoring 33 and 32 respectively and retiring, before Greek and Simpo each cashed in with 23 apiece, and they were the mainstays of Cregagh’s 171 for 9 in their 25 overs. Pick of the bowlers for Carvoeiro were Pete with 2 for 21, Copey with 2 for 25 and Sam Ajwani with 2 for 25. In the individual duels, Pete removed his dad, bowling the Vet for 7, whilst Copey had his old mucker, Bob, caught out for 4.

Have Croatia scored yet
Time for Cregagh to bowl, bowing before taking the field to Cregagh’s white Mugabe, Scolari, (who was unavailable due to torn shorts), sheltering under an umbrella thoughtfully picked up for him in the supermarket by the skipper. Carvoeiro opted for an all Cregagh opening duo to bat, of Pete and Copey, whilst we opened with the pace duo of Aaron and Bob. In an opening spell as hostile as a winter weekend in the Orkneys, the batsmen were made to feel about as welcome as KP in an England team. Bob had has revenge though sending Copey back to the hutch for a single. Aaron then removed Craig the dangerous big South African for a single also, and the openers ended their 3 over opening bursts with 1 for 5 for Aaron and 1 for 7 for Bob. Then in a pivotal moment in the match with Pete dropping anchor and looking immoveable, he was joined by the more than useful skipper Ralph, well briefly anyway, as he was brilliantly run out by Greek, much to his disgust, for a duck. Next to the crease was Marty Ross, who smote Pinky for a 6 and threatened to do some more damage, before he too was run out. Sam Ajwani, the Carvoeiro M.O.M., was next in and he and Pete struck up a useful partnership before the skipper bowled Pete, as he tried to up the run rate. He followed with two more quick wickets in the same over, including the owner Mr Brown to leave Carvoeiro in a spot of trouble. As the next two batsmen, one an American, had not actually played the game before, it was time to exercise our slow bowling option. The Vet who previously had been labouring in the heat, when called upon to turn the arm over, bounded to the wicket like a pet spaniel, keen to add to his European wicket tally, and despite our coaching of the batsmen he finished the game off with a 3 for 3, of his 3.4 overs.

Bobby belts out a cracker and sounds better than the resident singer!!!!!
We said our final farewells to Browns, to return to the apartments early, as we aimed to finish our last night with a meal in marina for the whole party, whilst watching the European championship match between the Republic of Ireland and Croatia. After a few minor logistical difficulties were sorted out we managed to achieve our goal, and with special thanks to Davy Mac and Pacemaker Press for his sponsorship, we all (including Pinky), enjoyed a splendid and economical last dinner. It was time to seek out some last night entertainment, and to go anywhere else but Figo’s! We tried a couple of quiet karaoke bars first, before all eventually congregating at a busier one on the level above the marina. As always it was a bit slow and low key at first, but gradually as the lubrication hit the starter motors (apologies to Lawnmower man, I am sure he would be the first to tell me, that is not how it actually works), things became a bit more lively. Bob took to the mike to very successfully rock the boat, whilst Davy Mac launched into a chorus of “Stand up for the Ulstermen” when he discovered a neighbouring party hailed from the more westerly shores of our island. We never fail to impress! Things seemed to be drawing to close as last orders were called, and Bobby Kawasaki Fleetham stepped up to send us all home with a heartwarming rendition of “My Way”. Not a dry eye was left in the house as Bobbie stood down, but that was probably because we thought he was heading to bed, and none of the rest of us would be able to get any sleep! Some of our party nonetheless did leave the bar at that stage.............................they thought it was all over!

However, and thinking back, one can never quite remember, who uttered the fateful words, but someone said “Let’s go somewhere else and have one more for the road!”, Davy. So as the karaoke bar closed an intrepid party of Cregagh men set off for “one last drink”. Not surprisingly Bob knew of a place, which seemed to be just north of Lisbon. But as we headed off like not so wise men from the East following Bob’s star, like travellers in the desert sighting an oasis, we spotted an open bar rather closer for our last watering hole. Settling down for a swift one, CJ ordered his usual, a babycham, Marty opted for the blue WKD, whilst the rest of us settled for a quiet beer. That was the last quiet occurrence of the evening, as revelation followed revelation, and home truths were spewed out, in one of those conversations you just hope (in vain) everyone else will forget. Bobbie and Davy Mac started a double round fest, and all of sudden there were more vodkas on the table than your average Russian wedding. Things were rapidly getting out hand, until eventually Big Phil decided to draw the line under yet another successful Cregagh tour, with one last, last drink...........and, in keeping with CJ’s penchant for sparkling drinks, he determined it would be a cheeky little Moet! What a way to go, hats off big man!

Bye bye Villamoura!
So at 5.30am, with our transport to the airport due in a mere 2 hours, the last Cregagh party in town finally headed home for a power nap.

The mighty ducks had once more brought famine and pestilence to another corner of Europe. To paraphrase the great, Arnie, “We’ll be back”, so now all Europe trembles until the pin is inserted in the map again in 2013.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Club Dinner

Club dinner Saturday 6th October 2012 starting at 7.30 pm SHARP is now sold out.  Contact Phil Thompson on 07748 354216 to be added to the reserve list.  Price is £20 for adults and £12 for juniors includes 3 course meal and a disco!!!  Keep an eye on the website for the full menu (that bit is just for you Billy)

Just one dessert on the night big lad!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

For all the non believers

Here is a wee photo of Pinky at the top of Slieve Donard just to confirm that he was doing it for charity and did indeed climb the highest mountain in Northern Ireland the day after a Cregagh night out!!!!

PS  I also kept my word and climbed the Castlereagh Hills, although as I was hungover I did mine in the car!!  Just about made it, didn't take a photo though.
Well done Pinky!!!

PPS Don't think Cat could have climbed it!!