Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cup Draw

The NCU have completed the Cup Draws for the 2013 season details of which are as follows;

Junior Cup

Cregagh 1st XI V Armagh 1st XI 18/05/2013

Intermediate Cup

Cregagh 2nd XI V Bangor 2nd XI 25/05/2013

Lindsay Minor Qualifying Cup

Cregagh 3rd XI first round bye, will face the winners of Muckamore 4ths or Armagh 3rds on 08/06/2012

Good luck to all the Cregagh teams this year in the Cups.

Full draw can be found here ;

Monday, 19 November 2012

Car Boot Sale

It wasn't that bad really!  I mean getting up at 5.30 on a Sunday morning to sell the biggest load of tat that you could imagine wasn't a typical fund raiser for the club but in true Cregagh tradition we all treated it like an episode of the apprentice.

On that note we were asked to meet at Bob's house at 6 am to finally unload the Moore household of the various amounts of pruck that had accumulated.  Like a military operation Copey, Greek, Watty, Pinky, Cat, Pip and Big Tommy (aka TD this would be his new name for the next 10 hours) arrived at Bob's and within 30 minutes we had the house stripped.  However, due to the noise we made a career in house burgling is not a realistic possibility.

As Keith waved us off with some enthusiasm delighted at the prospect of returning his house to normality and with his advice ringing in our ears (i.e. if you don't sell any of this crap don't be bringing it back) we made our way to the Crumlin road under the dark of night.  Although we did have to pass a suspicious looking taxi driver at the top of loopland drive who seemed to be getting very attached to his female passenger.

We joined the back of the queue to get into Hillview Business Centre (our base for the next 7 1/2 hours) just outside CRUMLIN!!  Once we got in and set up the torch bearing traders descended upon us hoking around our cars not a great start to anyone with personal space issues, but before the tables were unloaded we had started selling and Greek was on his way to get his breakfast.

Trader's breakfast Greek as far as we know is still alive after eating this
The general public wouldn't arrive until 8 am so we had an hour to set up our stalls and consider our strategy Stuart and Neil manned the homeware department.  A lovely wee stall that met the needs of our female customers.

The handbag at the bottom says it all about this picture!

Cregagh CC at the Boot Sale!!
Bob, Greek and Copey manned the electrical and random crap stall!!!  Believe it or not but 2nd hand towels was their best seller!!!!
Alright love any more of them used towels!
Pip was tasked with selling the most random items we could locate, ranging from pre digital TV's through from door locks to golf clubs and started to expand into soiled clothing not to mention a wide range of used cooking utensils and even a used candle!

Couldn't sell a set of golf clubs but managed to sell a fleece with dog hair all over it, you work it out!
Then myself and big Tommy were left with a mountain of books that would have had Easons and Waterstones worried had we managed to sell any.  We did branch out into soft toys and again soiled Chelsea kits which once again did very well!!  Copey also demonstrated a knack of selling books.
Presentation 10 out of 10!!
 Santa even called in to our wee stall, although we had no takers to sit on big Tommy's knee for 50p.

Big Tommy doing what he does best, not selling books!!
And that was us, from 8 am to 1.30 pm we sold the heap, still no takers for Bob's car though, we gave away a french book that Pip swears by, the clothing department was sold out towards the end, with the soiled items flying off the tables (thank god) £1 could secure you 5 books towards the end of the day! and Neil was selling everything for 20p.  Copey found a new vocation in chatting up the elderly and selling at the same time, Pip could sell snow to the Eskimos just not golf clubs, and someone mistook Bob for a woman whilst some Eastern European was interested to know if I was coming back next week!!!!!!

Some of the disappointing elements?  Big Tommy made a £139 loss on a Sony Walkman as Bob flogged it for a quid.  We had to settle on £20 for a Sega Megadrive whilst Bob flogged a Playstation 1 and 10 games for £15!!!  We couldn't shift any of our pre digital TVs and had to let our video recorder go at 50p.

Nonetheless it was a good laugh and IF we ever go back we now know where to focus our attention on i.e. soiled clothing and towels.  As for books I think we will have to look for a car boot sale on the Malone Road to flog them.

A special thank you to everyone who donated something to the cause it was very much appreciated.  Of course a final thank you to the Cregagh Stall Sellers, a great effort by everyone in the freezing weather conditions!!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Thursday, 8 November 2012


The club held its AGM on Tuesday 30th October 2012 a chance to discuss the season past and the strategy for the upcoming year.

The big news this year was the promotion of the 1st XI and the 3rd XI (3rds as League Champions) and that all three weekend teams had achieved their objective with the 2nd XI maintaining their status in Junior League section 3 a very good standard for the 2nd XI.

Once again the youth section was growing and developing under the stewardship of David McCormick with Mark Johnston, Stuart Nelson and James Hume all being selected for representative teams which demonstrates the reputation we are building within the NCU regarding our youth system.

The weekend teams are now beginning to benefit with all teams being able to point to stand out performances from these young lads for all three teams during the season especially the 3rd XI which is our development team.  On this point David McCormick was also commended for his captaincy of this team and their success this year.

In terms of club development our ground has greatly improved over the years thanks to the tireless efforts of Stuart Catterson which was acknowledged by the chairman, and the financial support from the parent club Cregagh Sports Club.  This year we hosted two NCU finals and positive comments were received on the day and after the events about how well the ground was looking.

The chairman also wished to convey his personal thanks to all who served on the committee, the captains, the executive members and a special mention to Philip Walker who is also the Club President for the work and level of commitment during his tenure as chairman.

Once again during the season Cregagh CC had another European adventure in Portugal and Thompson Dawson was thanked for once again taking us on tour and returning us all safely, not to mention the sponsorship secured by Thompson.  Unfortunately due to our wonderful weather the junior tour to Dublin was cancelled but we hope to go on tour again with the junior team.

Philip's last act was to officially step down from the chairmanship following a very sucessfull 2 year period.

The new office bearers for the 2013 season are as follows;

Chairman:    Graham Watt
Vice Chairman;  Thompson Dawson
Secretary:    Philip Walker
Treasurer:    Philip Walker
1st XI Captain:    Matthew Simpson
2nd XI Captain:   Thompson Dawson
3rd XI Captain:   Neil Pinkerton
Match Secretary:  Philip Thompson
Ground Convenor:   Stuart Catterson
Youth Convenor:   David McCormick
Executive members:  Stuart Catterson, Philip Thompson & Robert Moore

Graham stepped up to the position of chairman and placed on record his thanks and gratitude to Philip on his tremendous efforts during the last two years as chairman and that he was leaving him in the hotseat with the club in a very healthy position.  The fundraising efforts alone will be Philip's legacy which has benefited the club greatly. 

At this time Graham also wished to pay tribute to the previous chairmen, namely Ian Kerr and Stuart Catterson who along with Phil had laid the club on a very positive path and one he hoped that he could continue along.  A special mention was also recorded for Philip Walker for the mountain of work that he gets through every year, Cregagh CC are very lucky to have such a person in our club.

The strategy for the club as a whole covering all aspects of club life was discussed briefly before the meeting was brought to a close.  At which point the chairman wished to thank his committee for the hard work to date and looked forward to another challenging season ahead.