Thursday, 28 February 2013

Play your cards right

On Saturday night past we continued our TV night themes with our own version of Play Your Cards Right.

Like on previous nights there would be one main host of the evening, someone who could hold the attention of the audience and keep us entertained.  When we held Mr & Mrs it was clear that our very own Philip Schofield aka (David McCormick) would be the perfect man for the job and the Housewife's favourite didn't let us down, assisted on the night with Bob Moore.

Our Take Your Pick Night would need someone to get the crowd going, be quick witted and able to think on their feet with the ability to demonstrate a perma tan and belt out a tune or two, just like Des O'Connor.  Somehow we ended up with Watty!!

Therefore, we needed an older gentleman to take up the mantle of Bruce Forsythe.  Someone with a bit of old school mentality and guile, with a silver tongue and an eye for the camera and of course the odd risque joke thrown in for good measure, and if he was light on his feet with a dance move or two all the better.  Ladies and Gentlemen Cregagh's answer to Bruce Forsythe was of course Thompson Dawson.

Whilst Neil considers his plan of attack Copey reflects on his choice of partner!!
The format of the night was simple, couples put their names into a hat and once pulled out they came up in pairs with the winner going through to the next round.  Of course just like the game show TD even had his very own Dolly Dealer aka Bronagh Dawson who did a great job on the night.

As we like to see ourselves as a forward thinking new age cricket club we even had same sex couples in the form of Bob and Craig (should stress that is Bob Moore and Craig Copeland not Bobby Fleetham and Craig Johnston that would have been a shock for some) and Matthew and Adam.  Matthew and Adam doing slightly better than the other couple, poor Bob and Craig never even got to turn a card!!!
Adam and Simpy already had the look of a married couple!!

As the night progressed the main prize was looming large for the couples still in with a chance.  The losers in the first round received a bottle of wine for their trouble, whilst the losers in the quarter final received a bottle of wine and cinema tickets, if they were still talking to each other!!

The semi final line up was soon confirmed, and after a break for the now legendary Cregagh buffet that Pip Walker had carefully prepared for us and now customary coin toss, it was a battle of the Fleetham's versus the Cattersons and the Watts versus the Dunwoodys.  Both semi finals were close as it was the best of three games with the Watts and the Cattersons getting through to the finals.  The Fleethams and Dunwoodys would have to settle for losing semi finalists and received a meal for 2 voucher at Ryans on the Lisburn Road along with £25 in cash.
TD captivates the audience with his wit! nothing to do with his footwear honestly!!

The final was a tense affair, personally I think on one occasion there might have been two 8 of diamonds it felt like every other card was an 8.  But after a marathon final where neither couple could get the card they needed it was Andrew & Arlene Watt who finally managed to put a winning run together to secure the main prize of an over night stay at the Slieve Donard Hotel and £50 cash.  Stuart and Jennifer received the runner up prize of £75 in cold hard cash.  Stuart immediately banked his winnings, the Bank of Ireland share price didn't move!

Just like Arsenal, our Andy didn't win anything either!!
The final game of the evening was a simple case of calling the next card on the deck to be higher or lower, and we plucked 12 lucky people from the crowd on the night to take part in this final game.  The first 6 people played for a new Blackberry phone and this went to Joan Fleetham with a run of 5 correct cards.  The next prize was for £50 in cash and this went to Philip Thompson who correctly called 11 cards on his run which was never going to be beaten.  Wendy relieved Phil of the £50 note never to be seen again.  Well done Wendy a wise decision and I don't think Wendy has any intention of banking that note!

The night was then closed with a disco to keep our all male couples happy with Bob and Copey patrolling the dance floor in between drinking Copey's new concoction of Red wine mixed with Vodka.  I think its called a Red Copey.

The committee hopes that everyone enjoyed the night and that most people left with a prize of some description.  In addition to this, the night could not have been the success it was without the hard work of the sub committee and the sponsorship secured from Pacemaker Press, Whitehouse Engineering, PFT Sales & Marketing and Gribben & Watt Financial Planning Ltd. along with Pip who ensured the buffet was its usual Cregagh standard.

See you all soon folks and keep an eye out for our next event, the Family fun day, more details to follow on the website, facebook page and twitter of course and then after all that I might get some work done!!!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

A Mug for a Mug!!

Ever fancied your very own Cregagh CC mug to flaunt around the office during your coffee break?  Well we have the very item to make your dreams come true.

For £6 you can be the owner of your very own Cregagh CC mug by contacting Bobby Fleetham on

Friday, 15 February 2013

Indoor Nets

Pre-season starts here folks tonight at Grosvenor Grammar School at 7 pm.

See you there!!!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Play your cards right prize update!!!

Just to whet your appetite for Play your cards right, the top prize will be an overnight stay at the Slieve Donard hotel full use of the Spa and £50 in cold hard cash!!!!  Contact Phil on 07748 354216 to book your ticket.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Play your cards right

**ATTENTION**  The Play your cards right night tickets are selling fast as with previous years we are limited to 60 people due to health and safety restrictions in the room.  Call Phil Thompson now on 07748 354216 to book your place before it sells out!

Play your cards right 23rd February 2013 7.30 pm  Tickets cost £7.50 will include a buffet, ballot, coin toss and guaranteed prizes for all couples who take part in the event!!  Cant say fairer than that!!