Tuesday, 29 October 2013

End of Season Dinner

On Saturday 6th October our annual end of season dinner took place in what is now the highlight of the social calendar, however this year had a surprise at the end that no one could have predicted.

The evening got underway with the customary welcome from the chairman before we all got tucked into a 3 course meal.

Yes, TD is wearing a big flowery shirt, who knew what he had in store for later.

Another angle of TD's shirt, doesn't get any better really.
After the meal we moved onto the main event of the evening, the speeches and the awards.  The chairman enthralled us all with his wonderful review of the season both on and off the field.  His speech was a masterclass and captured the roller coaster season that was 2013.  With some 'special' mentions for some of our 'friends' within the NCU this particular crowd pleaser would be a recurring theme with other speeches on the night.

And so onto the captains speeches, first off the bat was the 3rd XI skipper.  Ill be honest, when Neil reached for a speech that resembled a ream of A4 paper the crowd expected a Simpson-like speech.  However, it was precise, well timed and gave us all a great review of the season in which the 3rd XI secured promotion, albeit just before we were confirmed as securing the final promotion spot, one of our 'friends' in the NCU appealed the decision.  This was overturned by the NCU, the 3rds had secured promotion and the skipper milked and worked the room on that little nugget!!!  WELL DONE SKIP.

Then onto the 2nd XI skipper, this was an emotional speech, as the outgoing skipper announced that we will not be seeking re-election as skipper in 2014.  Once the cheers had subsided TD continued with his speech.  You could almost hear the joy in his voice at the thought that we wont have to skipper a Cregagh team ever again.  Exlcuding our European adventures of course.

TD's speech was of its usual standard, however, he did have us wondering was he really going to review the season game by game, however, at game 3 he relented much to the relief of the members in the room, and moved into a more general review of the season, although he did focus (and rightly so) that did his big mate not run him out in a 20/20 game the skipper would have went through the whole season not out.  What an achievement that would have been, but the holiday buddys can talk over that during the next week in Abu Dubai!!!!! (holiday friends!!)

Then we moved onto the main event, the 1st XI skippers speech.  Fair to say Simpy now holds two records, the longest speech in our history, (although the chairman made a great effort at that title this year) and he followed that up with the shortest speech in our history.

The winners on the night were as follows;

1st XI batsman of the year;   S. Nelson
1st XI bowler of the year;   L. Moore
1st XI captains pick;  M. Johnston

2nd XI batsman of the year;  R Moore
2nd XI bowler of the year;  R Moore & P Thompson
2nd XI captains pick;  O. Fleetham

3rd XI batsman of the year;  S. Nelson
3rd XI bowler of the year;  A. McCormick
3rd XI captains pick;  A. Skelton

Well done to all the winners all well deserved and of course the captains also picked up a small thank you.

We then moved onto the special awards, (get the hanky out Pamela & Bobby).  First of up was Clubman of the year the Harry Blair Memorial shield which this year went to Bobby Fleetham as an acknowledgement for Bobbys support not just for off the field events and social events, but also for making himself available and offering his services and advice throughout the season.

Next up was performance of the year award, which went to the one and only Stuart Nelson for his 4 wickets and 84 not out against Academy (cue cheer) securing a vital 4 points that day.
In addition to this, Stuart also received the Pacemaker Press International young Player of the Year award and received a framed bat and photo marking his first ton for the club.  At this point Pamela was in a mess as we crossed over into X factor mode for the back story to Stuart's career to date.  In addition to this, we also invited David up to receive a small thank you on behalf of the committee for his tireless work in the youth section as the Under 15s came to a conclusion this year.

Finally, for the official awards we invited the Cregagh WAGs up to receive a bouquet of flowers as a thank you for all their help with the teas over the season, without doubt we are the best supported team when it comes to the WAGs.

As the night drew to a close we then had a peculiar visit form two supposed wisemen from the East.

Who is the fella beside TD? queried Pip.  At this point in the evening I knew Pip was blocked
Yes, in true Cregagh tradition we had a few 'special' awards to hand out, some might say that TD looks forward to this bit of the year more than any other.
Bronagh's teatowel was never quite the same when TD was finished with it.
The accents were dodgy at best, not to mention the names and the fact that one of them struggled to keep his beard on!!!
Who is that man, Crimewatch Cregagh style
However, the first of the special awards was for the 2nd best cricketer in his house, which went to Watty.  Alastair has only played one season for Cregagh and at 6 years old has more medals than his Dad already.  Thanks for that lads lol!!!!  Watty also managed to pick up the Canard d'or in what was a great year for him as he pipped Copey to that prestigious award.  You owe me a pint Copey.
I have a feeling those trophies are not on the mantlepiece in the Hume, Fleetham and Thompson households.
Next up was the trio of James, Ollie and Phil (Mark stood in for Phil) who received a special mention and award for being bowled by a girl in a league game in Donaghcloney.  James and Ollie were bowled over that they managed to get that close to a girl and had an excuse, as for the big lad, he went for the helicopter shot that day and it didn't pay off.
No Pinky, you cant send that back

Once the Arab's had left us, not before signing transfer forms and passing their details to Pip we fired up the disco and danced the night away.

I'm not sure that's the right way to get on a stretcher

Bobby starts the YMCA

Bobby is wondering why no one else is doing the YMCA
Another great night was wrapped up with a conga line that took us through the bar and into the car park, however, it was too cold to continue and we all retreated back to the bar just in time for the last round.

Sometimes the cricket doesn't go our way, but just like a family does, we all stick together and have a drink.

Go on the ducks!!!!


Monday, 28 October 2013

Stuart Nelson named in Under 15 Ireland Squad

We are delighted to announce that Stuart Nelson has been named in the Ireland Under 15 winter development squad.

What a reward for Stuart who has worked at his game and is now enjoying all this hard work paying off.  Its also great to see all the hard work the committee has done and of course the Director of Youth Cricket David McCormick for all his time and investment into the youth section at Cregagh.

It has been a while since Cregagh has had an Ireland representative and we are all sure Stuart will do everyone proud.  Well done mate everyone at Cregagh is extremely proud of you.

Friday, 18 October 2013

2013 Cricket Club AGM

The 2013 cricket club AGM will be held on Tuesday 29th October starting at 7.30pm. Please make an effort to come along as this is the opportunity to have your say on how the club is run (or maybe even volunteer for a job !!)

Friday, 4 October 2013

End of Season Dinner

Folks our end of season dinner is taking place on Saturday night, please note the start time is 7.30pm SHARP  As in previous years we have a lot planned for the night so we try to start as early as possible for what promises to be a great night.

Can we also ask that you bring along a little gift for the ballot which would be greatly appreciated.

See you all tomorrow night!!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

NCU Appeal Upheld

We are pleased to advise that the appeal against the NCU Competitions Committee decision to void the 3rd XI result against Derriaghy has been upheld. Accordingly, the 4 points have been awarded for the game meaning that the 3rds finish second in Junior 8 and have been promoted. Congratulations to Pinky and the team.